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The iVoice Diaries 

Dear Staff and Students 

I hope you’re all enjoying your advent calendars and getting into the festive spirit, because it is almost that time of the year again! We didn’t want to leave you empty handed this Christmas, so as a gift from us here at the iVoice cabinet we wanted to give you a chance to win an amazing chocolate bar! There is a prize for each campus and the bar will come with a personal message from us here at the iVoice cabinet. All you have to do to enter is email us the answer to this riddle, ‘What loses its head in the morning but gains its head at night?’ Have fun! 

Now, we have been working tirelessly at our meetings this week to try and get some potential ideas out in the open, and I would like to share some of them with you. We need to know if students and staff alike want what we are willing to provide. 

One of the biggest ideas we have at the minute is the addition of a vending machine in the concourse at Frinton Campus. It would consist of many items of food that can be found in the cold queue in the canteen and it would allow you to get food quickly and easily without the need to queue up. At this point this is only an idea and far from being a reality but we need to find out if it is what the students and staff at this school would be interested in. 

Our other idea was to look at doing something to celebrate Chinese New Year. This may include Chinese based cuisine in the canteen or maybe even a non uniform day! If you would like to see the idea go ahead please contact us with your thoughts. 

We are here to be your voice and to provide for the needs of students. We can only do this if we communicate with each other. This can be done via the Facebook page or by emailing your local Vice President, (Edward Ablett for Frinton Campus and Beth Elliot for Thorpe campus) or email me directly at : with your ideas or queries on what we are doing or what we are planning to do. 

I hope you all have an amazing week and a very merry Christmas! 

Yours faithfully 

Ryan Forecast
President of iVoice

A Massive Thank You!


Dear students and staff
I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone for electing me as the new iVoice president.  I have received an incredible amount of support over these past few weeks and I cannot thank everyone enough for that. I want to thank Mr Rodd and Miss Skinner and all of the other teachers who put so much time and effort in to making iVoice possible. I have received a great deal of help and guidance from this team and I am looking forward to the future. I would like to say thank you to the past cabinet, to Eleanor and Beth for their incredible hard work and achievement and I will try my best to carry on the amazing work they have been doing for the past year.
Many teachers have really helped me through this period of time and given me some incredible ideas to really help me in my campaign and one of these teachers is Mr Lawrie, he has been an incredible help and he has always been there to give me ideas and inspiration and I cannot thank him enough for his input into my campaign. I have presented all of my ideas for the next year to each and every one of you and I will do everything I possibly can to make all of these ideas become a reality. I believe as a college we can achieve amazing things and if we put all of our voices and minds together we can really make this year a year full of success. This road which lies ahead isn't going to be easy, but I know with all of your help and support we will be able to really stride forward and reach our summits for success.
Once again, I just want to thank everybody who voted for me in this past election, because if it wasn't for you none of this would be possible! I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us as a college.
Yours faithfully,
Ryan Forecast


On Friday 12 June, staff and students from across the College cast their votes for one of the four presidential candidates.  The candidates have been working hard for the past week campaigning to each year group.  This has included creating posters, speaking with students and teachers and delivering an assembly. 
On Friday at 4:00pm the votes were counted and verified by two of Tendring Technology College’s governors. The results revealed that the president for 2015-16 will be Ryan Forecast. 

Mr Rodd and I would like to congratulate Ryan on his successful campaign and commend all of the candidates that stood for election this year. 

Ryan will now begin preparation for September when he will be the 1st Male president of iVoice. 

Miss K Skinner

iVoice Presidential Elections
Election Day: 12 June

We cannot believe that in just a few weeks it will be one year since the second presidential elections for iVoice took place. We have witnessed the coronation of Eleanor Buxton and Beth Paige as the first ever co-Presidents and the formation of a cabinet that has continued to build upon the hard work of our first President Ellie Baker, by transforming the environment we work in and the way staff and students work together. 

During the next two weeks campaigning will commence. Four students from across Thorpe and Frinton Campus will go head to head in their aim of becoming the next President.  In the build up to Election Day, which is now Friday 12 June, our candidates will be canvassing for votes in assemblies, through the College News and also utilising the TV screens. Please read each manifesto carefully before considering who to vote for. 

I do hope that every student and member of staff will cast a vote, as every vote counts! 

We would like to take this opportunity to wish Kieran Bowers, Oliver Brooks, Toby Crome, and Ryan Forecast the very best of luck with running their campaigns. 


Mr R Rodd - Assistant Principal

Miss K Skinner - PE Teacher and Coordinator of iVoice

Voting Rules 

  • Every student and member of staff at Tendring Technology College will be eligible to vote. 
  • Every student and member of staff will be issued with a Voting Card. The Voting Card will be issued to every student on the day of the election. Staff will receive their Voting Card the day before the election. 
  • Parents / Guardians will not be able to vote. 
  • Staff and students who have a planned absence from College will be entitled to vote. It is the responsibility for the person who is absent to request a Ballot Paper from Mr Rodd or Miss Skinner. In their presence, the ballot paper will be completed and posted into a Ballot Box. This Ballot Box will remain with Mr Rodd or Miss Skinner until the end of Election Day.
  • The Polling Station will be open from 8:40 am until 2:50 pm. No one will be allowed to cast a vote before 8:40 am or after 2:50 pm.
  • Each Campus will have a Polling Station. The Polling Station at Thorpe Campus will be located outside the iCafe. The Polling Station at Frinton Campus will be located in the Concourse. It is only in these two locations that students and staff can cast their vote.
  • Mr Rodd will be responsible for the Thorpe Campus Ballot Boxes.
  • Miss Skinner will be responsible for the Frinton Campus Ballot Boxes.
  • Ballot Boxes will be sealed with tape. The only entry to the Ballot Boxes will be via the Ballot Paper slot.
  • The Ballot Boxes are to be taken to Frinton Campus and will be locked in the Principal’s Office ready for collection by the Governor responsible for counting the votes.
  • The Ballot Boxes will only be opened by the Governor that will be responsible for counting the votes.
  • The Governor responsible for counting the votes will have their counting verified by another Governor. The counting of votes and verifying of results will take place over the weekend of the 13 - 14 June 2015.
  • The Governor responsible for verifying the results will then inform Ms Haynes, Mr Rodd and Miss Skinner of the election results.
  • Ms Haynes, Mr Rodd or Miss Skinner will inform the candidates of the results on Monday 15 June. A meeting will take place with each candidate to review their election campaign.
  • Every Presidential candidate will have the opportunity to be on the iVoice cabinet. 


iVoice Presidential Election Rules 

Application, short listing and campaigning.

  • To be considered for running in the iVoice election a letter of application must be sent to either Mr Rodd or Miss Skinner by 3pm on Monday 11 May 2015.
  • Joint applications to run for co-President will not be considered, as this gives an unfair voting advantage.
  • All entries will be read by Ms Haynes, Mr Rodd, Miss Skinner and four iVoice representative. A shortlist of 6 candidates will be selected.
  • A shortlist will be created by Friday 15 May. Successful candidates will be informed.
  • Each Presidential candidate will be invited to an Election Preparation Day, which will be held on Friday 22 May.
  • After the Preparation Day, the Presidential candidates can start creating their campaign.
  • Students can canvas for votes using the following methods:
    • Posters
    • Badges
    • Letters of intent, which will be published in the  CNL and SNL
    • TV presentation. (sound will not be available on the TV screens)
    • Assembly presentation of up to 3mins – open choice.
    • Question time - LRC – one break time at both TC and FC and only under supervision of a member of staff.
  • Presidential candidates will have one week to put their campaign together. Deadline for all aspects of a candidate’s campaign must be submitted to Miss Skinner and Mr Rodd, no later than Friday 29 May. This will then be checked by Miss Skinner and Mr Rodd to ensure that the campaigns do not break any rules.
  • Each campaign must focus on what the candidate can offer Tendring Technology College. It cannot discredit another candidate’s campaign. If this does happen, then the candidate will not be able to continue with their campaign.
  • Except for the Thorpe Campus Friday assembly, no candidate can actively canvas for votes on the Election Day. The Election Day is Friday the 12 June. Posters and TV adverts can remain in circulation. 

Dear students 

I cannot believe that in just a few weeks it will be one year since the second presidential elections for iVoice took place. We have witnessed the inauguration of Eleanor Buxton and Beth Paige as the first ever co-Presidents and the formation of a cabinet that has continued to build upon the hard work of our first President Ellie Baker, by transforming the environment we work in and the way staff and students work together. 

In the next few weeks campaigning will commence, where 8 students from across Thorpe and Frinton Campus will go head to head in their aim of becoming the next President. The role of President should not be taken lightly, it is demanding, however, very rewarding. 

If you are looking to take a leading role in the College, a person who wants to have the opportunity of making an impact on life at TTC for over 1900 student and 300 plus staff or even someone who wants to impress a future employer then please put yourself forward to be a candidate for our election. 

Our President will need to be able to do the following:

  • Act as liaison between the Senior Leadership Team, Governors, students, departments and administration.
  • Attend regularly scheduled meetings with the administration.
  • Identify and suggest projects for iVoice to help improve student life at TTC.
  • Help to set iVoice policies and practices by leading the Executive Committee.
  • Lead an on-going review of the iVoice constitution.
  • Serve as a role model to students and other iVoice members and be open to the needs of all students, staff and parents.
  • Prepare an agenda for every full iVoice meeting.
  • Run, along with the Vice-Principal, full iVoice and site specific iVoice meetings once a half term.
  • Delegate responsibilities to and check in with other iVoice members about the progress of all iVoice activities.
  • Help plan and run iVoice elections.
  • Manage announcements at College assemblies and in the College News Letter.
  • Plan the beginning of the year and mid-year iVoice trips.
  • Attend College functions, for example, Open Evenings and Parents Evenings.

If you are up for a challenge and would love the challenge of being elected, then please write a letter explaining why you feel you would make a great President and outline any ideas that you may have in making TTC a better place for students, staff and our wider community. 

Please send you letter to Mr R Rodd and Miss K Skinner. 

Deadline for submission is Monday 11 May. 


For many years, Tendring Technology College has had a Student Council. The way in which it was run had become outdated and was in much need of an overhaul. In September 2012, Mr Rodd, Miss Skinner and a group of students from both Campuses, conducted a review. This group also attended an AET Student Council Conference to gain insight into what a council should look like. After months of discussion, we decided we needed something that was different. A Council that would no longer just discuss toilets and fundraising, but would strive to bring about change in every aspect of college life. This would be iVoice. iVoice was established by its founders in March of 2013.

In May of 2013 Tendring Technology College held its very first election. Eight students from across both Campuses canvassed for votes from students, staff and parents. Over 2000 votes were cast. Ellie Baker was successful in her campaign and was named our very first President of Tendring Technology College.

In May of 2014, Ellie stood down and a second election took place. Eleanor Buxton and Beth Page were named co-Presidents of Tendring Technology College.

Your iVoice Cabinet consists of:

Presidents: Eleanor Buxton and Beth Page

Frinton Campus Vice President: Tom Allen      

Thorpe Campus Vice President: Millicent Lord

Chief Whip: Molly Blaser

Chancellors: Tyler Rose, Kresda Rattanasudsai

Secretaries of State: Jack Antionio Blanes, George Johnson, Liam Kerr, Roma Neilson-Britton, Alice Rowe, Ed Hendry.

Advisors: Ellie Baker, Imogen Holas

We want you to feel part of a community at Tendring Technology College and always value your input, either as a student, parent or member of staff. If you have any suggestions please email them to any member of the cabinet.

iVoice Structure 2014 - 2015

Sadly, with the loss of one of our members of staff in 2011, the student voice initiative, where students observed lessons and provided feedback fizzled out. However, when reviewing the College Council and coming up with iVoice, it was decided to build upon what was once a very effective initiative and as a result, the founders of iVoice came up with the Lead Learner Programme.

Each Year Group has their own set of Lead Learners. These Lead Learners meet with their Learning Teams to discuss teaching and learning. Within these meetings students showcase activities that teachers use and provide feedback on how to further enhance lessons. Each group are also assigned a discussion task. This discussion is based upon aspects of the Kirkland Rowell student survey. Students within these groups also have the opportunity to observe and provide constructive feedback to their teachers.

Tendring Technology College appreciates the feedback given by our students in helping us make and maintain outstanding teaching and learning. Everyone’s voice counts.

In 2011, four teachers had the opportunity to visit a College in Ohio, as part of a teacher exchange programme. Whilst they were out in America, they were amazed by how the College they visited had develop such a community atmosphere. This atmosphere was based upon 5 core values. Upon their return, there were determined to make the same impact at Tendring Technology College. Students and staff then worked together to come up with our core values. TTC 3. Respect, Honesty and Responsibility.

Over the course of this year, a range of Harmony Groups are in the process of being set up. Each Year Group will have their own group, who will be accountable to their Student Support Manager. The Harmony Groups will meet every half term. These meetings will focus on how to develop TTC 3 and discuss issues, such as making the transition from Primary to Secondary school less daunting for students.

Every member of Harmony has the privilege of making Tendring Technology a fantastic place for everyone to work at. To do this they have been given the role of reporting to their Student Support Manager anything they feel is worth rewarding at our annual TTC 3 Awards Ceremony. This could be based upon things they witness in or outside College. Harmony students will also report issues they feel hinder community cohesion and the Student Support Manager will act where necessary.

If you feel that you can make a difference at Tendring Technology College and would like to be part of Harmony, then please inform your Student Support Manager.


We look forward to working with you.

Kerry Skinner - iVoice Co-ordinator

Eleanor Buxton & Beth Page - Presidents of iVoice

iVoice Archive - 2013-2014