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Initiatives Equality

Tendring Technology College is a Stonewall Partnership School who have made a pledge, to never be a bystander to bullying and teasing language. If students hear it, they will call out for support from staff. They have agreed to stand up for fairness, kindness and never been a bystander. 

Year teams, medical assistant and the inclusion manager are always available and will record, report and act on discrimination, harassment and victimisation. Taking steps to ensure that students are fully supported and their needs met. 

Assemblies support the good conduct within the college by actively promoting

TTC 3- Respect, Honesty and Responsibility. Assemblies celebrate the diversity and equality of students and the wider world that is complimented by PSHE curriculum. Students take part in Diversity and Multi-cultural events annually which are embedded in the curriculum and assembly plan. 

Students have embraced the college ethos and a supportive peer-to-peer network, forms the basis of the Harmony Group. The Harmony Group are a listening support group of students who can listen to the concerns of other students and offer them the  opportunity to discuss and resolve friendship concerns. 

Students have been empowered to take some responsibility for their own emotional well-being and are directed to use our supportive website tool. 

This website is available 24 hours per day and can give immediate guidance and signpost students to various resources in order to tackle prejudice, harassment including bullying and help promote understanding from students from different backgrounds. 

If students are unable to access these resources they are able to talk to and seek guidance from tutors, the Year Team and Harmony Group. Additionally, students can report incidents using

Year teams are expected to respond in a timely way and further Anti-Bullying procedures are followed, as detailed in the Behaviour and Anti-Bullying Policy which is available on the college website. 

An inclusion mentor is also utilised to remove and minimise disadvantage and foster good relationships by using a number of intervention initiatives. E.g. students are invited to mediation sessions an/or group work using PACS. Positive Assertive, Communication Skills. 

We will always use, where necessary, our college’s PCSO when formal intervention is required to eliminate harassment and victimisation.