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Community equality

College Community
TTC is very unique in its split site nature. The campuses are over 4.6 miles apart. Therefore, it is vital that the TTC community across both sites experience the same opportunities. There are several mechanisms that help to achieve this.  Firstly, iVoice  (the College Council) represents all students, staff, governors and anyone else associated with TTC.  iVoice acts as the voice of change for all, ensuring that everyone’s opinions, no matter what their background are taken into consideration.

Secondly, the College has created its own set of core values – TTC 3. Within the College students from each Year Group have the opportunity to join a Harmony group, where they promote the core values within the College, local, national and international community.


Within the PHSE and REP curriculum
The curriculum leaders for REP and PHSE have ensured that their curriculums are rich with experiences that allow students from across both campuses to gain an insight into different cultures. The college runs a multicultural themed week. During the week, each curriculum area plans and delivers a lesson based upon a multicultural theme. For example, in History students research how soldiers from different ethnicities played their part in Britain’s involvement in the First World War. The week ends with Multicultural Day. During this day guests from different cultures are invited in to run 30 minute workshops for the Year 8 cohort.


Local Community
Once a year we hold an annual tea party, where we invite local residents to come and meet our students. Students are given the opportunity to interview our guests about their life experiences. These interviews can be based upon education, war, local community developments and life experiences. Community projects have evolved to foster an understanding and cohesion between the College and immediate community .i.e. Food Bank collections and deliveries, Community Christmas Card, Christmas tea Party for elderly residents, path clearing in the village.


Throughout the year, students have the opportunity to take part in a range of visits. These visits have seen students take part in the London 2012 Olympics, as gamesmen and women. Building on the Olympic Legacy we have continued to visit the Olympic Park and take part in events. This visit allowed students to gain insight into other peoples cultures.


TTC has developed very close links with a school in Ghana. Over the course of the past five years teachers have been able to take part in an exchange programme. This has allowed a greater awareness of other cultures around the World. We are also very privileged in having teachers from Ghana visit our College. During their visit they are able to teach students in the style that is delivered in Ghana. They also meet students throughout the week to share experiences and develop links that will enable both Colleges to benefit from the exchange programme. More recently students have been successful in taking part in the Shell Eco Marathon against Universities and Colleges form around the world. Sports teams also take part in International events and exchanges.