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BBC News School Report

BBC School News Report 2015

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This year's film from our BBC School Reporters 2014

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TTC’s Sports Day and Geography Club

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Kieran and Ashley reporting for the BBC Sports Day.

On 29th June TTC had their sports day and as reporters, Geography Club came together and filmed the day with excitement. We filmed all the events on the warm summer day and discovered that the weather wasn’t quite as forecast. The organiser of the day, Head of PE, Miss Harris was able to say, “Today has been good to us and the weather’s held back so far, however it’s been a bit of a rush with all the events, but I’m sure we will leave on a high.”

Parents came to cheer and boost morale as students dreaded the 1500m. Morning events consisted of field events, such as high jump, shot putt and ever so popular tug-of-war. In the afternoon everyone from staff to students were on the school field. Sports Day was an inter-form competition with Years 7, 8 and 9 tutor groups competing against each other for the coveted winners cup. This year the theme was Olympics; each tutor group adopted and presented one country and were encouraged to make banners and slogans to support that country and their tutor group.

The day went as planned, early pitch inspection passed, weather held, even though forecast promised heavy showers, and was a great success !!! A lot of cheering, flag waving, ice cream and strawberries ........

Other School Reporters on duty were: Ralph (Year 9), William and Luke (Year 8), Nicholas, Matthew and Callum (Year 7).

BBC returns to TTC for extra visit!

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On Tuesday 15th February the Geography Club had an extra BBC School Report session. On the practice day (20th January), the BBC journalist Kate Poland liked one of the news stories about games addiction and asked if she could come back to TTC before March 24th , the BBC School Report day, to film the piece professionally.

Weeks following the practice day, the Geography Club members were working hard in preparation: researching about the effects of game addiction, designing a survey, organising interviews and setting questions.

Matthew writes: "In Geography Club we made a small documentary on game addiction. Kate Poland from the BBC brought in a professional camera and microphone with recording equipment. As two of the students, Ralph and Robert, were conducting a telephone interview with a spokesperson from Nintendo, they sent us a Wii and DS pods so we could use them in the background of our film pieces."

"William interviewed his Mum, asking about his game playing and how it effects their family life. He also interviewed Mr Goodchild in his role as counsellor and asked him about the effects on young people. At Geography Club we designed a questionnaire and we surveyed friends and family. Joe and Cameron reported back on the findings and interesting points that came out of this. William and Connor talked about how long they play for and why they play on their games consoles. Nicholas, Ethan and Callum interviewed Mrs Lewis about her views on the games, but also about internet safety. Ralph and Robert said of their interview with the Nintendo spokesperson that it was quite a challenging interview, but that they managed OK."

"It was fun and everyone enjoyed it. I was shown how to use recording equipment for a radio piece and I did all the recordings. William was in the most film pieces as it was his original idea.”

Kate Poland said: "It was a great pleasure working with everyone. I was really impressed with the students - and also with Mrs Burley who made it all happen."

The clip which is being put together by the BBC staff will be shown on television via your red button on March 24th, which is the BBC School Report Day, and on the BBC website

Students involved with this story were: Ralph, Kieran, Robert, Ashley, Connor, William, Aliasha, Lucy, Joe, Dylan, Matthew, Callum, Joseph, Cameron, Ethan and Nicholas.

We are now looking forward to the School Report Day on 24th March.

BBC News School Report at TTC

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Joe in 7NDa writes:The LRC was closed on 20 January, but not many people know why. Thursday 20 January was the BBC News School Report practice day. Geography Club is the club which runs every Tuesday and part of this is taking part in the BBC School Report. This is a project run by the BBC, now in it’s fifth year, and it encourages young people to be involved in ‘making news reports’. We write our own news stories about what matters to us; this could be about our College or even natural disaster! News stories then get posted on our page on the website which is linked to the BBC School Report website for everyone to view. The stories could be written, a video, sound clip or even a slide show, anything that looks interesting and engaging, but most importantly delivers news.

So on Thursday we sat down and made some great news stories: Ghana report - an interview with Mr Jones, flooding in Australia, technology news update, dance project in TTC, sports report and a story about dangerous dogs.

We used video cameras and Apple Macs to edit our videos (quite difficult do in a short time). All the stories looked brilliant and we got a lot of praise from teachers who came and watched. We even had help from a real BBC journalist, Kate Poland. She was able to advise us on how to make news interesting and to the point, so it does not disengage the viewer. Lydia took the opportunity to interview Ms Poland about her career as a journalist. Apparently it was the first time that she was the interviewee rather than being the interviewer.

Ms Poland said: ”It was really interesting and enjoyable. Thanks for having me!”

She was particularly interested in the story developed by William on gaming addiction; so much so that on Tuesday 15 February, the BBC will visit again with their own film crew. We hope that this will be used as an advert in the build up to the BBC School Report on 24 March.

It was great fun and the rest of the Geography Club reporters can’t wait for the real day in March. In the meantime please have a look at: ‘January's Practice News Day as it happened’ on the link below, where you will find not one but two commentaries, or visit our web page on

Sports Day Special

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On 1st July some students from Geography Club took part in a BBC School Report Sports Day Special. This was organized because of the world cup and it doesn't happen every year. However our reports didn't have to be about football and could be about any sport, however we could choose football if we wanted. The reports ranged from vuvuzelas to the update of tennis matches at Wimbledon. Two students even went to Wembley where they interviewed the England women's captain Faye White and midfielder Jill Scott. We had a rush to reach our 2 o'clock deadline but we all managed it. We all worked hard and we made some great stories. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed being reporters for the day. Jay and I stayed after school finished and we were interviewed by BBC Essex Radio live on the Drive Time show. John Hayes asked us about the stories we covered during the day and what we found most interesting and challenging.

It was nerve racking knowing that our voices will appear on the radio, but I think we both did well. Here are some of the young BBC reporter's thoughts about the day. Grace said "Thanks for the experience!!" and Steven said "I think it was a really good experience, and I enjoyed making the video as well. It has all been really fun, and I thought it was great!" India said "The day was great fun, we all worked really hard and we all had a fantastic time!" Zack writes: "Working with my friends was cool, and working with other people I didn't really know. We all became closer together." "Today I worked with Chani and we edited all day on our sports report video taken on the TTC's Sports Day," said Lauren.

Chani's thoughts about the day: "I had a fun time and I'm getting better at editing videos! And becoming quite an expert in using i-Movies."

Steven said: "I think it was a really good experience, and I enjoyed making the video as well. It has all been really fun, and I thought it was great!"

"Today went well. Kieran and I reported on the Sports day and our second story was about the World Cup", said Josh.

Samantha writes: "Although this was my first time doing the BBC School Report I think I did very well; I got straight down to business and it was great fun. I enjoyed it very much because everyone had their own part to play. We all knew what we were doing and we got on with it. It was very enjoyable and I can't wait for the next one. I would like to thank Mrs Burley for giving me the chance to take part in this excellent opportunity."

Other coverage of the day are also seen on the following BBC pages

Geography Club day out at the BBC

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On Tuesday 23rd March the Geography club and three teachers went on a thrilling trip to the BBC TV centre. We started our journey at school where we met up with all 18 of us. Then Mrs Burley, Mr Woodcock and Miss Young organised us into groups of fives. We also had to go through the safety rules. We were all assigned with numbers, from teachers, if we got lost. Then we were off. We had to walk for about fifteen minute to reach the Thorpe train station where we finally got our tickets and caught the train.

Next we headed onto another train which took us one hour to reach Liverpool Street Station. At Liverpool Street Station we had to get on the underground train which took us straight to the BBC. When we arrived at the BBC we wandered around the front and couldn’t find the main reception! When we did manage to get in, we were meet by Mr Marsh’s PA (Personal Assistant) Judith Gamse who led us to the Bridge Lounge, which you could call our ‘base camp’. We then went in to the BBC canteen and some of us bought something to eat and drink. The BBC canteen overlooks the Blue Peter Garden, so we were all hopeful to spot one of the presenters or even one of the dogs! We were told later on that the Blue Peter programme is often filmed in different studios.

After our lunch we headed back to the boardroom were we had an interview with the executive producer of the BBC’s ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’, Kerensa Jennings. We had a chance to ask her about her career as a journalist. She told us that the most famous person she interviewed was Nelson Mandela. She then showed us a video about how they made ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’. Ms Jennings also asked us about our experiences as young journalists in our BBC School Report Day. After a while Mr Marsh joined us and we discussed more about what we did well in the School Report and how we could improve for next year. We were surprised that Mr Marsh actually watched all 18 minutes of our Report! He said that we should be proud with what we produced on no budget at all!! He brought us some souvenirs, each one of us received a signed photo of Hue Edwards, a BBC pen and a memory stick. Mr Marsh left us with Ms Gamse as he had to go back to teach/train new journalists.

In the afternoon we were taken on a tour of the BBC studios. The tour guides showed us some parts of the News rooms; one of the studios, a green room and we walked through the maze of corridors. One of the most amazing things we saw was the weather report studio. Some of us had a go at using the blue screen and you could change to different modes and we were allowed to use our own set up for the weather report, just like the meteorologists do every day. The tour guide then showed us the main stage area, Stage 6, and we can tell you it’s MASSIVE and apart from the ceiling covered in spot lights, the room was bare. The guide told us that before the show designers paint the floor and add any props for the stage area, but the rest of the studio stays pretty bare. After, we headed into an active studio for the Alan Titchmarsh Show. There we saw many people and even two camels! Finally we headed into our own studio set up especially for us. Lauren and Kieran went to the technical room and were in charge of sound and lights. Tia volunteered to read the News; Jay, Ralph and Grace got to play the Weakest Link. The rest of us were the audience. There were more prizes for the winner, Jay won (a mug) and pens for the rest.

The tour and the visit came to an end and we thanked Ms Gamse, our host, for a great day. We made our way back to Liverpool Street Station and back on the train home. Overall we really enjoyed our day out!!

By Kieran, Lauren, Tia-Louise and Ashley

BBC Report 2009

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On 11th March 2009, over 700 schools around the country took part in BBC School Report News Day – creating their own news reports and publishing or broadcasting them on their school websites.

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