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Non-Uniform Guide

These days  are popular with  students and we hold them to raise money for charities such as Children in Need or Comic Relief, and they may follow a particular theme e.g. dress as a Hero or Jumper Day.

However, guidance has been requested to address some concerns that have been raised.

 Health and Safety issues are of paramount importance.  It is essential that students  conform to certain conditions if they are to remain safe.  This affects particular items of footwear and jewellery.

Non-uniform days do not mean a change of rules regarding equipment for work and jewellery.  Only small sleepers or studs, one per ear, are acceptable.

Flip-flops and backless shoes are not safe and must not be worn.  Trainers are an ideal alternative footwear for 

non-uniform days. 


Ideal clothing for non-uniform days would be jeans, t-shirts, sports’ clothing etc.

Skimpy tops (exposing mid-riffs) and very short skirts and see-through items of clothing are not appropriate and cause embarrassment to others.  Offensive slogans are not allowed.  

We hope this helps to clarify issues for all concerned.  If non-uniform days are to continue then these rules must be followed.  Those who do not follow these simple guidelines will not partake in future non-uniform days.


If students or parents have any questions they should address them in the first instance with their group tutor.  Assistant Directors of Learning will monitor and oversee their year groups. 
I hope that we can work together on this issue so that students can continue to enjoy these days and we can continue to support them.