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PE Girls Bulletin - October 2015

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Great turn out to Netball club with over 60 students in attendance from Years 7, 8 and 9. Keep coming! Year 7’s worked with level 3 coach, Karen Trigg, from local satellite club Coastal Storm.

Year 8 Girls Football team - Essex Cup V Stanway - Preliminary round

Kim Page
Emily Priestley
Amber Barker
Mae Hughes
Isobel Mcinnes
Jessica Taylor
Olivia Fincham
Charlotte Mizon
Luvena Fowle
Chloe Rowling

Results: TTC 9 Stanway 0

A fantastic team performance. Great goals from Emily, Isobel, Emily, Olivia scoring x 3, great defending from Chloe, Amber and Charlotte. Mae Hughes woman of the match from Miss Harris for all her assists in the game. Luvena Fowle player’s player of the match for her excellent passing.

Round 1 in the cup was versus Philip Morant. They could not field a team so a walkover to TTC.

Round 2 sees the football team having to travel away to either Chigwell or East London Science school.

In preparation for this match Miss Harris played an 11-a-side friendly versus the Year 7 boys. The girls had never played 11-a-side before so they were learning how to defend and not be offside when attacking.  Great progress made. Year 7 trialled out for the team to see if they had the ability to join the squad in the Essex Cup. Congratulations to Cloe O’Brien for making the team.

Next 11-a-side friendly is against CCA with a few other Year 7’s trialling out for the team.

Good luck to Mae Hughes and Emily Priestly who will be attending trials for U14 Essex School representative squads.

Other congratulations to Mae Hughes, Grace Woods and Saffron Heffer in being selected for the Suffolk Centre of Excellence Squads. They train every Friday in Ipswich.

Year 8 Netball Match v Colne

Team 1

Charlotte Mizon GK

Evelyn Silvester  GD

Mae Hughes  C

Olivia Fincham  WA

Ayra Anderson GS

Emily Priestly WD/GS

Amber Barker WD

Isobel Mcinnes GA


TTC 19 Colne 10         Player of the match Evelyn Silvester- Outstanding defending


Team 2

Felicity Divers GK

Sophie Talbot GD

Daniela O’Leary WA

Chloe Rowling

Kim Page    WA

Nuha Van de Schyuff  C

Alicia Garnham  GS/GD

Rachel Goldsmith WA


TTC 13-6  Player of the match Chloe Rowling scoring 11 out of the 13 goals


The following students played a friendly and league match versus Colne.  Excellent play from both teams. Great passing, shooting and defending.  Looking forward to the match against Clacton.


Other activities at Thorpe

During this term attendances at clubs have been excellent. We would like to encourage more Year 7 girls to attend clubs. A great opportunity to make new friends, improve your skills and be part of a team.

Mondays have seen a new club called Smash-up Badminton where students learn new skills whilst listening to music.

Year 7 Rugby Club has been a success with around 20 students turning up regularly. Mr Chinnery would like to see more of you!

Years 7, 8 and 9 Netball Club with Miss Harris/ Miss Bysouth and Karen and Faye Trigg from the local satellite club has seen over 75 students turn up, increasing every week. We would encourage all players to keep attending even though they may not have been picked for a team. We are looking into many friendlies next term for those who haven’t played.

Tuesdays after school Year 9 boys have had good sessions with the Colchester United football coach, each week 20 students turn up to improve their skills.

Twenty Years 7, 8 and 9 Girls have been going to Cheerleading Club with HRC all stars. With the use of pom poms and lots of stunts the routines are looking great. This club will continue until Christmas.

Years 7, 8 and 9 Girls Football.  Every week over 20 students attend, however Miss Harris would like to see more Year 7 and 9 girls. Even if you have never played before come and give it a go. Many matches coming up. 

Wednesdays - Years 7, 8 and 9 Basketball Club is being taken by Paul Tight from Cannons Basketball club. Sessions will be running until Christmas with matches next term. If you would like to attend and make new friends and improve your skills get a letter from Miss Harris.

Years 7, 8 and 9 Dance Club - This is a very popular club with again over 25 students attending each week. If you like to learn new dances Miss Hill and Miss Staveley would love to see you.

Year 9 Rugby Club - Mr Welch would like to see all the Year 9 rugby team turn up to training each week. Lots to work on and the whole squad need to be there every week. The Year 9’s are very talented but need to train together to get even better.

Years 7, 8 and 9 Girls Rugby Club will start after half term. Miss Mankee would like to see lots attending please. 

Thursdays - Year 8 Rugby - Mr Wiper said this team is improving all the time. Thanks to Mr Williams for helping out each week. The boys start their Essex Cup league after half term. Attendance is excellent and many other Year 8’s want to join which is fantastic.

Years 7, 8 and 9 Hockey Club - This will start after half term. Miss Harris is keen to start a team and play fixtures. Miss Harris herself plays hockey for Colchester and a few students train at the club.

Year 8 Volleyball Club. This will start after half term with Mr Chinnery.

Friday Year 9 Volleyball Club has over 16 girls and boys each week. Mr Chinnery is proud of their commitment and progress.



  • Congratulations to the PE department who are winners of the Best Establishment for Sport in Tendring. This is for the 3rd year running. They will collect the trophy at the Princes Theatre in Clacton on Tuesday 3 November 2015.
  • The PE department has also been shortlisted for the Education Awards in Essex for the Fit for Life Award. They will be attending a black tie event held at Colchester United Weston Homes to see if they are winners.
  • TTC PE is proud to have a Twitter account with over 770 followers. Please follow them for all news on clubs, fixtures, match results, local events, careers advice and exams revision help.