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posted 19 Aug 2013, 07:40 by Google Google

Four TTC students rose to the occasion during half term when Southend hosted a 2 day international event, with players arriving from around Europe to compete.
Josef Sullivan and Rowan Lockyear from Year 9 together with Alana and Perry Taylor-Weeden from Year 7 demonstrated that they are continually progressing and competing at ever higher levels.

First up from TTC was Josef Sullivan who has recently been promoted to Blue Belt. A stable start saw Josef throw his opponent twice for scores of waza ari to finish the contest, which set the tone of the day. There was only going to be one player to be able to match Josef, which he was unfortunate to meet in the semi finals rather than the final, just losing out on this occasion. In the bronze medal contest, Sullivan showed his class clinically, throwing his Dutch opponent with de ashi barai (advancing foot sweep) for a maximum score of ippon, to take the first medal.

Perry Taylor-Weeden was next to take to the mat keen to match his success in the previous year where he picked up a bronze. In a tough first contest Perry launched a tirade of attacks both left and right handed, taking the win with a left handed tai otoshi (body drop throw). It was this enthusiasm that saw Perry reach the semi finals for the second year, but again had to settle for bronze.

Not to be outdone by her brother, Alana Taylor-Weeden made a confident display of Judo in a quality field. There were no easy contests for Alana, having to draw on all her expertise, using a variety of throws holds and escapes from holds to beat off the opposition. Only being beaten once on the day, Alana picked up the well deserved silver.

Rowan Lockyear had a similar day to Josef, confidently progressing through the preliminary contests with only one player providing a challenge for him, again in the semi final and again narrowly beaten. There was no way that Rowan would leave without a medal and he made sure of that with a huge uchi mata (inner thigh throw) in the bronze medal contest.

Day 2 saw their coach and Maths Teacher, Mr Salter, add to the medal haul in the open grade masters event surprising the field with huge maki komi (winding throw) and left handed ura nage (rear throw) on his way to the silver medal in the 100kg category.

Following the competition, Mr Salter, Rowan and Josef travelled to Tonbridge to attend an England Excell session where top young Judoka come together to train under the eyes of some of the top coaches in the country. This is a significant step in their training, certainly a good example of two students aiming to make their best better.

Mr M Salter
Judo Coach