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From the Principal

posted 5 May 2017, 06:20 by Amy Deamer
hope that you all had a good Bank Holiday weekend. For a number of our students that are now either taking examinations or in the run up to them, I strongly suggest that they make full use of resources that teachers have placed on 'Show my Homework' or have provided within lessons. I also recommend the BBC mindset website which provides really helpful revision tips and guidance.

On Wednesday of last week the College hosted our Employer Engagement Day. The Learning Resource Centre was buzzing with ex-students and members from the business community engaging with our students. Comments from those conducting the mock interviews were that our students were engaged, articulate and eager to learn more about their chosen field. It is really positive to have such strong links with the local community. This was further highlighted in a meeting that I had recently with the Chair of the Triangle Traders Association who commented on the excellent behaviour of our students as they enter and leave our Frinton campus. He remarked that this is at it's best in the 20+ years that he had been associated with the Triangle. The Triangle Association are looking to raise their profile in our community and we will be looking to support this in any way that we can.

The calling of the general election is an opportunity for us all to hold our elected representatives to account. I have written before outlining the funding crisis that schools and colleges are facing across the country. A very clear summary of the issues is provided by the BBC - Reality Check: Is education spending at record levels? Which can be found at It's verdict:

'The absolute amount of money in the pot for schools in England is at record levels but once you factor in rising pupil numbers, inflation and running costs, schools will have to cut approximately 8% from budgets by 2020!'

The National Audit Office estimates that schools will have to make £3bn worth of cuts as a result of these factors. This amounts to the biggest fall in spending on each pupil in 30 years. In line with other school leaders, both locally and nationally, I will be left with difficult choices going forward.

With local politicians canvassing for your vote, please ask them for their views on the school funding issue. Would they put pressure on the government to increase funding to schools, and if not what would they be prepared to sacrifice? Please do make this an election issue.
Mr M Muldoon