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posted 19 Aug 2013, 07:21 by Google Google

We wish the Vice-Principal, Bob Allen, a long and happy retirement.  Since his appointment as Vice-Principal in 1994, Mr Allen has given the College outstanding service and has always been passionate about the education of our students.  He is himself a Cambridge graduate and his love of literature has helped to inspire generations of young people and in later days, particularly those studying A level English.  Mr Allen will continue to be with us for one day a week, continuing his teaching in the Sixth Form, which I know he loves.  I am glad we are not losing him completely but wish him a very restful and happy retirement from the enormous responsibilities he has carried as Vice-Principal. 

We are also wishing a happy retirement to Dave Hepworth who has given enormous support to students studying Technology at Frinton Campus.  Mr Hepworth is himself a talented craftsman who will be missed by the whole department and the students.  We wish him a very joyous and peaceful retirement. 

Congratulations to Ben Foakes, an ex-TTC student, who has been playing for England in the Ashes.  This is an amazing achievement, well done Ben.  Also a well done to another TTC sportsman, Dylan Walendy-Wrigley, who sailed in the Eastern Area Championship for ‘Toppers’ last weekend and became the Eastern Region Junior Champion Under 16.

Multicultural Day at Thorpe Campus was a wonderfully positive and all inclusive day.  Students and teachers alike enjoyed and immersed themselves in the Egyptian dancing.  It is fair to say that we are all feeling very proud of TTC at the moment and I would like to wish all our students a happy and safe summer.

Caroline Haynes