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posted 25 Mar 2015, 04:54 by   [ updated 25 Mar 2015, 04:55 ]

It has been a busy and exciting week at Tendring Technology College, congratulating our Year 11s on the progress they have made in their practice maths exams.  We ask all parents to encourage all students who have exams this summer to do lots of work in the Easter holidays.   

The week has also been tinged with sadness but also with an opportunity to remember staff who we have lost.   

On Sunday Leonard Gregory-Syrett's family joined us at Frinton campus to look at the beautiful memorial for Leonard that had been donated and erected by Hunnaball Memorials of Colchester.  The memorial is a beautiful piece of Cumbrian green slate brought straight from the quarry.  Following Leonard's death Emilia Hunnaball came to see me and wanted to acknowledge his time with us and I am grateful to her and her family for providing this wonderful tribute.

We also have this week the Thanksgiving service for Gary Keeys.  Many of you will have seen the lovely tribute to him by Dave Lambert in the Gazette last Friday.  Gary was a dedicated learning support assistant who did so much to support the young people that he worked with.  Gary is part of a wonderful team of learning support assistants and he will be missed a great deal by all of us who worked with him and knew him.

I had the pleasure this week of meeting with 20 of our Year 8 students who told me about their favourite subjects and their least favourite.  I was delighted to hear how ambitious they are for their future and together we will try to ensure that they realise those ambitions.