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posted 3 May 2016, 01:59 by   [ updated 3 May 2016, 01:59 ]

As the time for the formal written exams looms it is important for students not to get overly anxious and waste time by worrying. We will provide in-school strategic and intense support to make sure that we have done everything we can to prepare them. What we cannot do is make them back this up by studying at home and it is this that can make a whole grade difference. Those students who have an effective and productive work habit at home will achieve better grades. 

Why does this matter?
Some students have not taken on board for example, that if they do not achieve a grade C in English and/or Maths GCSE they have to retake it next year. This is true wherever they continue their studies.

Having to retake puts them behind their peers and wastes their time. It is unlikely that they will get the same amount or quality of support that they are receiving right now. 

What can parents do?
Remind them of the consequences of not studying now. Encourage them and support them to have resilience, to give it their best shot and not give up. In that way we will have lots of smiling faces on results day.