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posted 26 Feb 2014, 06:02 by

Please support the “Only Cowards Carry” musical event at the Princes Theatre in Clacton from 7:00pm until midnight, this Friday. It will be a great night of music. The charity is working hard to get young people to understand that carrying a knife could so easily lead to a loss of life.  At TTC we have never wavered from our zero tolerance of knife carrying.  Anyone who brings a knife in to school will be permanently excluded.  Jay Whiston was a lovely young man who went for a night out with his friends to a private party in Colchester. He was murdered. We must never forget the tragedy that  affects so many people when a young person loses their life in this way. 

The Attendance Team do an excellent job in encouraging students to come to school. They also support families who struggle to get their children in to school. I cannot state strongly enough how important it is for our students to have excellent attendance. Not only does it drastically improve their chances of doing well at school, it also helps them to have good relationships with other students. Young people who have poor attendance often have difficulty maintaining friendships and this makes it even more difficult to come to school. We will continue to make a huge effort to improve attendance, but it is our parents and carers who are the ones that can make a real difference. Sometimes it is more caring to be firm and determined to ensure that our young people can make the most of their opportunities.