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My thanks to parents who have completed a ‘TTC staff thank you Google form’, via the College website.  It is really lovely to read your appreciation of the work our staff do. 

I want to congratulate local clubs who give our students an opportunity to experience a whole range of activities. I was reading the expedition report from the Ulysses Trust which highlighted the challenge that two of our students, Ashley Brown and Daniel Rothery faced as a result of being Walton Sea Cadets. They had to paddle 82 miles in canoes down one of Scotland's premier rivers, the magnificent River Spey. They had as their objectives, self sufficiency, learn wilderness living skills and develop open canoe paddling techniques on moving water. WOW, what an adventure!  Well done to those students and Walton Sea Cadets for giving them the opportunity. 

Well done to Mr Woodcock's tutor group who raised £112.50 in 15 minutes at their Macmillan coffee morning. Excellent! 

A Wonderful Show
‘Little Shop of Horrors’, performed by students of Thorpe Campus was stunning.  I went twice, taking friends and members of my family.  They could not believe that all of the performers on stage were between 11 and 14 years of age.  The quality of the singing and the talent of the lead performers shone through, supported by a chorus, members of which, on different nights, stepped in to the leading roles.  The show was supported by dedicated staff who gave up their time, some of them for months, most nights after school and of course, let us not forget the parents who had to pick up the students from rehearsals, up to 5 nights a week.

I would like to make a special note about ‘Audrey 2’, the blood eating plant. It was made by Mrs Hindle and her family and was absolutely brilliant.