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posted 9 Jul 2014, 07:34 by

Good news!!  There is such a big focus on measuring school performance in relation to exams in Maths and English.  We are all constantly under the threat of inspection and whether or not it will go well on the day.  Whilst it is very important to measure these things there are some things that cannot be measured but, in my opinion, are just as important.  I would like to focus today on some things that have happened that make me feel so proud to be the Principal of this College.   

The first one is about some students whose names I do not know.  We had some information that an elderly resident had withdrawn £100 in cash from the post office but when she got home it was missing.  She retraced her steps and went into a shop where the assistant told her that two students from TTC had found it in the shop and handed it in.  Whoever those young people are, they should know I am extremely proud of them and that it does not matter that it will never appear in any Ofsted report. 

The second was that on Monday 70 students from Year 12 spent the day volunteering in the local community.  In particular the warehouse manager at St Helena’s Hospice was thrilled that our students gave up their time to help out.  Other students helped out in local primary schools and supported elderly residents with their gardening. 

Finally, huge congratulations to Chloe Everett, who was third in the national competition to design a new home for Bloor Homes. Chloe was inspired by the architect Oliver Hill, who designed some of the houses in Frinton on Sea with curved surfaces.  She has won an iPad for herself and £500 for the Design & Technology department.