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TTC is a great school!!! 

When we were inspected in 2013 and judged to be outstanding in every category we seriously reflected on what that meant. We were clear that it did not mean we were perfect. We asked ourselves what we wanted TTC to be and the answer we came up with was that we want it to be a great school. What does that mean to us? It means that we want TTC to operate with integrity and provide a curriculum that opens opportunities for every type of student, not a curriculum that simply serves the philosophy of the current government. There is no forced EBACC at TTC. It means that we strive to model and live by the values of TTC3. It means that we will not be an exam factory. We will have high expectations and support our students to become outstanding learners that make excellent progress as shown in their exam results. Alongside that they will have a rich environment of sport, music, performing arts, technology, world affairs, charity, community responsibility and much more. Most importantly we will be at least good every day, in every lesson and every activity, every week, every year. 

In the last five years TTC must be one of the most inspected schools in the country, we have had three section 5 visits, one section 8 maths inspection and one section 8 no-notice inspection of safeguarding/SEND. We can proudly say that despite this scrutiny we have never, in any section, been judged less than good. I think that makes TTC a great school. 

Some of my favourite quotes from the report are below. Thank you to all our staff, students, parents and Governors for helping to make TTC a great school. 

'The overall progress that pupils make across their subjects from their various starting points is much better than the national average and the proportion of pupils who secure at least 5 good GCSE passes including English and mathematics represents excellent attainment from much lower than average attainment upon entry to the College.' 

'Teachers at TTC use their excellent subject knowledge and understanding of the curriculum to good effect in the classroom.  Lessons and activities are well planned, drawing upon a range of well-chosen resources.  As a result, pupils make good progress and are interested in their learning.' 

‘Pupils work exceptionally hard in lessons and model highly cooperative learning behaviours.’ 

'Pupils feel safe and well-looked after in the College, a confidence that is shared by the large majority of parents.'

Dr Caroline Haynes - Executive Principal