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The letters I enjoy receiving the most are the ones from our parents who take the time to tell us that they appreciate the work we do.  People usually find it easier to complain than to praise, so a huge thank you to all of you who take the time to write positive letters.  The following is a quote from one such letter "your staff, ethos and children have given my girls a wonderful education." 

Do you know what HLP means at TTC?  Do you know what INCH means at TTC?  HLP stands for 'Higher Learning Potential' and INCH stands for 'Inspire and Challenge'.   

HLP@ TTC - our mission statement for students who have the ability to learn at a high level:- we believe in promoting high expectations among students, teachers and parents in order to raise aspirations and develop the resilience of high learning potential (HLP) students.  

We also want to ensure that HLP students have the opportunities to access a more flexible curriculum in order to nurture their skills and develop new ones.   

Finally, we wish to maximise the learning potential of HLP students by providing appropriate support and mentoring.