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posted 9 Oct 2015, 07:59 by

There has been a lot of discussion in all schools and academies about the increasing degree of difficulty of GCSEs and A levels. The removal of course work in most subjects will mean that students will be judged solely on their performance in written examinations. Even practical subjects such as PE and Drama will have a much greater reliance on written exams and assessments.  We will be preparing your children for these changes and I know parents will give support at home.


Year 11 students and 6th form students have trial exams starting in November. They need to be working hard right now. So many students achieved such excellent GCSE results last year and they all had something in common. They all studied very hard at school and at home. There were no short cuts.


It is so much easier if these habits are established early on so please encourage your children to do their homework as well as they can, always learn their work and develop their understanding in preparation for tests, exams and assessments. On top of that encourage them to get involved in the wider life of school.


There are so many clubs and activities. The skills and resilience that they can develop whilst pursuing their hobbies and interests are invaluable for their educational progress and life in general