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posted 26 Feb 2014, 06:11 by

This term is short and intense as we prepare our students for exams, both internal and external.  It is very important that parents help us to get our young people to understand that they must work very hard to ensure success in the examinations that become more difficult as demanded by the Government. The grade boundaries for Mathematics in the recent November exams were shifted upwards once again by approximately 5%. We will analyse student performance very quickly and focus on areas of weakness in preparation for the summer exams. The challenge in exams will increase in every subject and at every level. This is not something to be feared, but it does mean that students  cannot afford to waste any time. We will teach them what they need to know, we will train them in preparation for the exams, but only they can put in the effort and additional learning that will make the difference. To study subjects at A Level (which are also increasing in difficulty) they need to be operating at B grade in GCSE as a minimum if they are to be able to tackle successfully the demands of A Level.

We have well developed programs for students with higher learning potential that will enable them to make successful applications to the top universities and current Year 13's have already got some impressive offers. With hard work they will be able to fulfil their dreams.

For students who, despite enormous effort find high grades difficult to achieve, we will provide a curriculum post-16 that will give them a better chance of further and higher education or employment. The attitude to learning that a student demonstrates is a key factor in whether or not potential will be achieved. This sometimes means that students who work hard outperform their peers who may find learning more easy.

The message is simple. Students need to follow our guidance, work with us and work hard.