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posted 19 Oct 2015, 01:01 by

At TTC we have a culture of learning and that includes the teachers and support staff!


We believe in having a robust review of our performance so that we can provide the highest quality education for your children. We have joined a National organisation, Challenge Partners,  of like minded professionals, led by Professor Sir George Berwick and Dame Sue John, themselves outstanding Headteachers and leaders of education.


Last week, a team of reviewers from Challenge Partners, including an Ofsted inspector and Headteachers from other outstanding schools visited TTC and spent three days reviewing all aspects of our work including teaching, learning, achievement and areas of excellence. Our staff and students were led by Associate Principal, Mr Michael Muldoon.


What an excellent job they all did. The review team saw some fantastic lessons and were so impressed by the learning ethos and the behaviour of our students. The partnership between staff and students at TTC makes it a great place to come to learn. Yes, we do have high expectations and that means being very firm with anyone who is not giving of their best, and being prepared to tell students when their work is not good enough or they are simply not working hard enough. They need to build that resilience if they are going to make the best use of their opportunities. It is the very same process that coaches use to develop our athletes.  Imagine telling a potential gold medallist that it is ok not to train or practice practice practice!