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posted 15 Jun 2016, 06:11 by

From the Head of Academy 

Marc Albrighton is a Leicester City player.  Last week, alongside his team mates, he celebrated winning the Premier League.  This is a remarkable achievement for a young man who only two seasons ago was released from his previous club, Aston Villa, on a free transfer.  Indeed, it is a remarkable achievement for a club who were, only last year, on the brink of relegation. 

So, how has this change around in fortune happened? 

In many assemblies across the country it will be used as a shining example of growth mindset. It clearly demonstrates that no matter what your ability is, effort is what ignites that ability and turns it into accomplishment. 

Others will argue the case for marginal gains and the amazing impact of the Leicester sport science staff.  Over the course of the season Leicester City used the fewest players, had the fewest injuries, had the fastest player and scored the most counter attacking goals.  The answer to their success could, therefore, lie in their use of beetroot shots, ice chambers, Nord boards (they build up hamstring strength) and a 48 hour recovery process after games. 

For Marc Albrighton the answer may be simpler.  After being rejected by the club he loved and had been at since the age of 8, having someone show belief in him may have been all it took. 

The success of our students, whether it is performing at Springfest, designing a 'Sun Bear feeder', playing in the Year 8 rugby team, will in part be due to their talent, a positive mindset, preparation and practice.  It will also be due to people like us: their teachers, parents, carers and friends showing belief in them.   

So at this time of year, with many of our students facing their final exams, we may be wondering what more we can offer.  Perhaps by simply letting them know we believe in them, is all that is now needed. 

Mr Michael Muldoon - Head of Academy