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It was a gloriously sunny day on Sunday and the Fun Run helpers were out in force very early! I was extremely anxious when I was given the job of directing traffic and runners at the same time. Imagine my relief when the police turned up to help! A huge thank you to all the helpers and runners who made it such a lovely day.  Frinton and Walton football club were well represented, mums and dads were running with their children and the 10K runners coped well with the intense heat. Definitely more water needed next year! It was wonderful seeing members of the public cheering on the runners and I was very impressed that so many staff decided to run. I didn't know they were so fit! The stalwarts of iVoice were there to help and Mr Muldoon bought us all an ice cream at the end.


The current iVoice cabinet has been dissolved as Ellie's Presidential term is coming to an end and campaigning for the next election, on the 27 June, commencing. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate:- Ellie Baker, Liam Kerr, Beth Paige, Eleanor Buxton, Lewis Addlington-Lee, Emily Withers, Imogen Holas, Rosie Finnis, Ed Hendry and Jonah Thomas for their hard work and dedication to the students, staff and our local community.

Over the course of the year, the iVoice Cabinet have been involved in so many developments and activities within and outside of TTC. These include: iBash, The Monster's Ball, review of Teaching & Learning, setting up Lead Learner and Harmony Groups, carrying out over 25 interviews, reviewing TTC3, changing the way we fundraise at TTC, founding the TTC iVoice Make a Wish Fund, Fun Run, Frinton in Bloom, running the mascot competition, paying for the refurbishments in Gunfleet, the iCafe and Frinton Campus student toilets. 

They have been excellent ambassadors for our College.  I look forward to working with the new President and building upon the foundations that Ellie and her team have established.