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posted 9 Jul 2015, 06:54 by

Once again our students have outperformed themselves at this year’s Cambridge Chemistry Challenge.  We achieved 2 copper awards for Josh Barkley and Chloe Williamson and their marks meant they were in the top 30% of students who entered, which are a heavily independent and grammar school demographic.  Their marks demonstrated a good achievement and showed they were able to think their way successfully through unfamiliar material.  "The importance  of students keeping going with questions, even in the face of difficulty is still much talked about and highly desirable by Universities" was something that was drawn upon in the feedback and it is great to see that all of the students who to took the challenge did persevere and keep going, even through the very hard material.  There were many of our students whose marks meant they just missed out on awards and would still have placed them in the top 70% of entrants. 

We are delighted to welcome our Year 6 students this week. They are having 2 days with us which hopefully will settle any nerves ready for September. They seem a fine group of young people whose manners were impeccable when I met them on the first morning. Thank you to their parents for sending them to us!!