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posted 13 Feb 2015, 05:36 by

Congratulations to Steve Lever who has been short listed for the Student Choice Award in the Essex Teaching Awards. His nomination is well deserved! 

I met with one of our students this week who is ace at Ten Pin bowling! George Hicks has been featured on both the National Association of Youth Bowling Club and the Talk Tenpin websites for sparing the " Big 4". This is practically impossible to do and involves splitting 4 pins, 2 either side of the pin deck.  

Have you confirmed that you are coming to Frinton Campus at 7 pm to listen to DS Woodley? If you are not coming, I can only assume it is because you do not know what you don't know about Internet safety. 

Ring Karen Furby at Frinton Campus on 01255 672116 to book a seat.