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Calling all A-level students interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths)

posted 19 Oct 2015, 01:37 by   [ updated 19 Oct 2015, 01:38 ]

Perhaps you want to be an Engineer or Technologist? TV, Radio and Internet is a Science…fact! Without the creative innovations developed by leading Engineers of years gone by, we wouldn't have TV & Radio. Broadcasting is an industry that is varied from the creation of TV programmes like Doctor Who, Eastenders and live shows such as The Voice, BBC Proms and not to mention Glastonbury. 

60% of Engineers across Europe are within 10 years of retirement and technology changes at a rapid pace. The BBC needs to ensure we have enough Engineers trained to the highest standard to prevent us from falling off the air and to also pioneer and innovate the future! 

There is a wealth of opportunity for you in Broadcasting, some of the roles you could transition to after you complete the scheme could be: 

▪Broadcast Engineer                        ▪Project Manager                                   ▪Junior TV Technologist

▪Junior Radio Technologist             ▪Systems Specialist                                  ▪Editing Support Specialist

▪Spectrum Planner                         ▪Outside Broadcast Engineer                     ▪Distribution Specialist

▪Production Systems Engineer         ▪Junior API Platform Developer                 ▪Database Systems Specialist

▪Newsgathering Technologist         On-Air Graphics Engineering Specialist


Engineering Salaries:
The pay is good too! Once qualified, you’ll be in a good position to offer your skills and talent to a wide range of media companies and you will be able gain an estimated starting salary in excess of £23k per year and dependent on your level of expertise and continual development throughout your career you can buy the dream car or have the wardrobe of your dreams in no time. 

What’s the BBC offering?
Three year paid sponsored degree that is a Level 6 Higher Apprenticeship – (It will be tough going)

You will work towards a BEng (Hons) degree in Broadcast Engineering taught and accredited by a UK University. 

£11,500 per annum training salary 

Your university tuition fees paid by the BBC 

A CV full of amazing work experience – See details below

What you need to apply:
300 UCAS points which you can calculate on the UCAS website. 

An A level (B grade or higher) or BTEC (or equivalent) in a relevant subject (i.e maths or another science) however, relevant experience may also be considered. 

A passion to understand how things work and solving problems and you’ll need to have done something that demonstrates your interest in technology. 

There’s no age restriction – As long as you satisfy the University entry requirements we will be able to take you (as long as you pass the interviews and assessments of course!) 

Applications are now open!

Apply online today at and click on the Trainee Schemes and Apprenticeships tab. 


Miss H Lancaster
Careers Guidance Officer