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Are you thinking of taking a term-time holiday?

posted 12 Oct 2015, 03:34 by   [ updated 12 Oct 2015, 03:35 ]
Now that the summer holidays are a distant memory, many of us will be thinking about next years family holiday.  We would like to remind you that Leave of Absence for any reason, e.g. funerals, important family occasions, sporting events and family holidays, must be requested in writing, a form is available from our website or from Reception at either Campus. 

We require a Leave of Absence Form from you, even if you expect your request to be unauthorised.  We take our safeguarding responsibilities seriously and must establish the whereabouts of every child who is on our roll.  Last year, regrettably, there were a small number of parents/carers who felt the need to report their children’s absence as illness, when in fact they were on a family holiday. We would urge you to think of the position your child will be in when asked by their teachers why they have been absent.  In the majority of cases, we are well aware of the students true location and will take the appropriate action where we discover a student has unauthorised absence. 

  • Authorised absences are those where the college gives permission for a child to be away in advance, or accepts the explanation offered afterwards. These include being absent due to medical appointments or illness (where medical evidence in the form of appointment card or prescription label has been provided), a funeral or a religious observance. 
  • Unauthorised absences are not approved by the college, and typically include holidays and outings, illness related absences with no evidence, or any absence where a reason is not provided. 

The law states that there is no entitlement to parents to take their child out of college during term time, however, you may apply for leave of absence if you believe there are exceptional circumstances. 

Schools and local authorities can ask for evidence of exceptional circumstances such as weddings or funerals, and for evidence of illness if children are off sick.

Parents have a legal responsibility concerning their children’s attendance, and local authorities can bring legal action against families where attendance levels cause concern. 

If the absence is not authorised and the student is absent, the case will be referred to the Education Welfare Service who may issue a Penalty Notice for £120 (or £60 if paid within 21 days) to each parent for each child taken out of college. 

If you have any further queries regarding your child’s absence, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Attendance Team at either campus.