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Science at Key Stage 5 - Physics

A-level Physics

This subject helps us to understand nature from the smallest possible scale deep inside the atom to the largest conceivable distance, stretching across the entire Universe. Physics is about making predictions, testing them through observation and measurements and devising theories and laws to make more predictions. 

A level Physics can lead to further studies in fields such as Astrophysics, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine.

Physics qualifications can lead to many directly related careers, such as engineering, cosmology, medicine and teaching. The skills that you will develop in your Physics studies are also highly sought after in other professions such as business management, accountancy and media.

What does the course cover?

At AS level you study two units. The first unit covers particle physics, quantum physics and electricity. The second unit covers mechanics, material and waves. There is also a practical element in the form of an Internal Skills Assessment.

At A2 level there are a further two units. One unit covers magnetic, electric and gravitational fields and further study of mechanics. The other unit covers nuclear and thermal physics and in addition includes an optional topic. There is also a second ISA to be completed.

Physics students need to be well motivated, hard-working problem solvers. There is a large mathematical element in the course and it is an advantage for Physics to be studied alongside A-level Mathematics.