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Science at Key Stage 5 - Biology

Biology covers a wide and fascinating range of subjects, from the familiar to the controversial. Topical biology issues include cell signaling, stem cell biology, conservation of endangered species, genetic engineering, cloning and animal behavior studies.

All students are issued with a very comprehensive text book, and have access to a well stocked departmental library of additional books and worksheets. Students are timetabled for 5 hours in the classroom and will be taught by subject specialists with many years experience of teaching at this level. In addition to classroom time, students are required to spend several hours a week on independent study, keeping up to date with current topics and seeking extended help. Parents can assist by helping to ensure their son/daughter carries out the independent study necessary to pass assessments. With regard to assessments, the course is taught in modules and these modules are examined in both January and May of years 12 and 13. Whilst these written examinations provide the majority of UMS marks, the remaining 20% of A-s marks are gained through investigative skills assessments carried out in class.

Practical work and Field studies are also very important aspects of this subject and there are a number of compulsory experiments which will be conducted throughout the course as well as the possibility of a field studies trip.

Chemistry has very strong links with Biology, especially Biochemistry, whilst Geography links well with the environmental aspect of Biology. Psychology also works well with the new Biology course. Students can combine Biology with many subjects and choose Biology because they enjoy it.