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Science at Key Stage 4

In Years 10 and 11, students study for an iGCSE qualification in either Double or Triple Science, depending on the pathway they select and are appropriate for, following the completion of the Key Stage 3 Science course at Thorpe Campus.

The iGCSE qualification is highly regarded in this subject area and is seen as an excellent qualification to support further study in A-levels in science, or for those moving on to undertake apprenticeships in science based subjects or careers.

How do we assess students’ progress?

Students are tested at the end of every topic, they also complete a homework pack and key assessment activity for every topic. Each of these is graded so the student has an idea on the current grade they are working at. Key assessment activities are focused on building students skills in specific areas. Whether that be in terms of exam technique, practical ability or in terms of analysis and evaluation. We use all of the assessment data we collect and our professional judgement to determine a predicted grade at the time we are asked to complete reports ready to go home.

We have a plan to help students prepare for terminal exams that they will sit at the end of Year 11, where they will be asked questions from a whole range of topics. Routinely students will undertake module tests where we will ask them questions from a range of topics that they would have completed over an extended period of time. We actively encourage students not only to respond to our marking where they made mistakes and lost marks in the assessment activities set, but also to reflect on the reason why they got the question wrong in the first place. Was it because they didn’t understand the question? Do they need to revise?

Helping Your Children to Reach Their Potential

We work hard to ensure that all students we teach reach their full potential and enjoy their science lessons. We have high expectations of ourselves as professionals. We also have high expectations for our students. We want them to develop the passion for science that we have, an understanding of the impact that science has on the world around us and foster a curiosity for how things work.



As a minimum expectation students are set homework by each teacher they have. They should be set a task to take approximately one hour a week by each teacher that they have. As such, students doing Triple Science will have three pieces of homework and students doing Double Science will have two pieces of homework. These are topic based and set at the beginning of the topic, due in at the end of a topic. This means each piece of homework covers approximately a two week period. Students are reminded to complete the homework task set as they learn more and more each lesson. Homework tasks are normally exam question based at Key Stage 4 as we are building their knowledge and understanding, whilst focusing on improving their exam technique. Details of specific homework set for students can be found on Show My Homework. If a student fails to complete a homework task, they impact their learning and progress and as such should expect a detention.



We work hard to make lessons fun and engaging. We expect the very best in behaviour to allow all students to learn and make progress. Where we see the very best behaviour and commitment to learning, we always try to recognise and reward it. Students may receive a postcard from their teacher, with details of areas where we are proud of them, or you may receive a letter or ‘phone call to make you personally aware that we feel the student concerned should be congratulated. We always try to focus on celebrating success.

Revision Guides and Work Books

Throughout the duration of their time at Frinton Campus students have the opportunity to purchase CGP revision guides and workbooks. There are separate revision guides and work books for each subject, available at a price of £3.25 per book. As such a full set of six books (Biology revision guide and workbook, Chemistry revision guide and workbook, Physics revision guide and workbook) costs £19.50.

Please be aware that it is expensive for us to order multiple copies and hold a large stock of the books. As such we hold a few copies to sell, but order additional books as required. This means that there may be a short delay in receiving books once you let us know you would like to buy them.

Prices are subject to change by the publisher. Prices listed here are as of January 2016.

A few copies of the revision guides and work books are available in the Frinton Campus Learning Resource Centre. However, these must not be written in by students.



We actively encourage students to develop as independent learners. Whilst we plan opportunities for revising topics in lessons throughout the two years a student studies at Key Stage 4, their success will absolutely depend on the amount of revision they do at home. Over a two year period students will cover many topics. Revision helps them maintain familiarity with things that may have been covered many months before, or in a previous year!

Links to: 

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Further Course Information

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