Ethos and Overview

Our Aims:

  • To deliver high quality education in Science to every pupil through challenging and stimulating teaching and learning.
  • To encourage the development of informed opinions and to support such opinions with reasoned arguments.
  • To encourage the development of an enquiring mind and the ability to become an independent learner.
  • To promote awareness, knowledge and understanding of Scientific issues beyond the classroom setting.
  • To encourage pupils to question, analyse and form opinions about various issues that appear in the news.
  • For pupils to understand the purpose of and necessity for Science in their school and future lives.
To promote vocational and enrichment opportunities for all students, such as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) to enrich their learning experience, and to explore career opportunities for the future.

To identify strengths and weaknesses in every student and offer courses which provide for the needs of the individual thus allowing them to achieve their potential and maximize their attainment.
The Science Department comprises a suite of 7 fully equipped laboratories to support scientific learning. All laboratories have an interactive whiteboard equipped with an extensive range of the latest educational software to enrich learning.

The Science Department has a sizeable preparation room where a team of technicians work to support the practical work that is carried out within Science.

The Science Department also has an ICT suites and exclusive access to a mobile set of laptops which are used to great effect to enhance and support learning. ICT is regularly used within lessons as the Science Department believes students should have the opportunity to develop transferable skills that are now essential for the workplace.