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Sports Council

Congratulations to the following students selected on the year 8 Sports council

Zack Robinson - Zack is involved in many sports at TTC and has lots of ideas to implement this year. He likes to be a leader and has a good attitude to sport. He would like to help promote sport to the year 8 students and introduce new clubs.

Quinn Atkins - Quinn is responsible and reliable- two key things he believes that would make him a good candidate on the sports council. He is ready to listen to the year group and represent their voice in the sports council meetings.

Frankie Box - Frankie is a good role model for the year group when it comes to sports and around school. He played in the Football team and outside school too.

Syd Roberts - Syd would like to bring new ideas to the sports council and he has lots of determination. He would also like to inspire others to like sport or join a new club. Syd swims for Harwich and has won many awards. He would like to get others involved in swimming. He won best sports boy in year 7 and being on the sports council will drive him to do better this year

William Pearce - William plays for the school rugby team and he believes he would be a good role model for the year. His aim is to get more Rugby fixtures

Jessie James - Jessie is determined to get her year group involved in sports clubs in school. She wants to encourage younger to understand and appreciate the benefits of doing sport. Jessie loves sports and she wants s to help her classmates get involved in extracurricular sport. Jessie is very enthusiastic and willing to participate and organise events for the year group. She likes having conversations with her peers about sporting events and getting involved in the sports council will not only benefit Jessie but others too. Jessie believes she can motivate others. Jessie love s athletics and wants more events throughout the year.

Georgina Pearce - Georgina is on the sports council as she is willing to participate in any event that could also make people want to take part in sport and sporting activities. She also wants to make people realise that sport is fun and exciting.

Annabel Kelly - Annabel is a responsible person. She is looking forward to attend meetings and come up with new ideas for developing sport at TTC. She has had previous experience in leading people as was on TTC council last year and previous head girl in primary school. She is a confident girl who would be happy to speak to the whole year group in assemblies. Annabel also has new ideas for sports and kits.

Shona Goodchild - Shona is a team player and likes different sports. She is keen to give up her time and get more people involved in sports at TTC. She has good leadership qualities. Shona is keen to learn new things and believes the sports council will give her a new challenge.

Madalyn Robertson - Madalyn is keen to encourage her year group to attend clubs. She believes it is important to take everyone’s views and share ideas at council meetings. She is a hard worker and she takes part in numerous afterschool activities inside and outside of school. Madalyn would like to encourage other year 8 students to join clubs as this will help with their confidence and try a new sport, they don’t have to be good at it! It’s about taking part in a team, working together and making new friends.

Leoni Credland - Leoni is keen to get others involved in the year group and is keen to organise new activities and ideas throughout the year. Leoni plays many sports inside school and wants others in the year group to attend clubs.

Emily Strachan - Emily plays for the girl’s football team. She works well within a team and will put forward people’s suggestions. She swims for Harwich 3 times a week showing commitment and dedication.