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Non Participants Policy

Non Participants Policy for PE if ill or injured

Students will always attend lessons even if they are unable to participate practically in the lesson. This does not mean that they cannot play an active part in the lesson and continue to improve their learning. 

It is expected that if students are well enough to attend school that they should participate in all subject areas. With this in mind, parents/carers are welcome to highlight a particular concern regarding illness or injury that they would like to bring to the PE staff's attention, although this will not necessarily excuse that student from participation. The student is required to bring in a note from home and will be expected to still change into their PE kit as they will experience one or more of the following learning tasks.

  • Depending on the injury/illness and the sport being taught the student should participate in any parts of the lesson where safe to do so.
  • Act as a coach/leader for a group.
  • Assess levels of selected pupils with the use of the AFL criteria.
  • Select students who have shown high ability or progress levels to receive achievement slips.
  • Act as an official.
  • Create questions to ask the group to test other students’ knowledge.
  • Complete a worksheet on the lesson. 

A non participant should never be seated away from the rest of the class; they should always be involved in the lesson and should come into the lesson with the rest of the group to listen to teacher instruction. 

For all lessons, students are expected to: 

  • Participate in all activities. If you are ill or injured you must produce a note, which clearly explains exactly what you can or cannot do. However TTC PE policy is you must still get changed into your PE kit and take an appropriate part in the lesson, as explained above
  • Wear complete and correct kit, which should be labelled, during all lessons.
  • No jewellery to be worn and tie long hair back.