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Religion, Ethics and Philosophy

Religion, Ethics and Philosophy
Ethos and Overview

The REP department is a thriving and successful area of the school curriculum, with varied and exciting programmes of study.  The units of work are developed from the Agreed Essex Syllabus.  Each unit is designed to maximise involvement and participation through a wide range of activities.

Key Principle

REP makes no assumptions about the personal faith of student or teacher and does not seek to persuade students towards a certain religious belief or non-belief.  Education by its very nature is open and exploratory.  The role of the teacher is to help students explore and evaluate a range of beliefs, practices and life experiences.

REP at Thorpe Campus

Aims include:

  • to help students explore a range of questions of meaning and consider religious and non-religious responses to them.
  • to consider values and commitments both of self and of religious believers from different religious traditions.

REP at Frinton Campus

Aims include:

  • to develop knowledge and understanding of Christianity and other principal religions represented in Great Britain.
  • to develop skills and attitudes which will enhance personal, social, moral and spiritual growth.

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