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ERASMUS+ project: Every Child Matters


In September TTC secured project funding that will enable travel of small group of students to the partner schools. ERASMUS+ is a European funding which make it possible for schools from different participating countries to work together, to develop, share and transfer best practices. TTC is part of the two-year project titled ‘Every Child Matters-Refugees and Immigrants in Education’ which aims to address key values of social justice, fairness and diversity. We are working with European partners: Adana in Turkey, Palermo (Sicily) in Italy, Petra (Lesbos) in Greece and the Lousado in Portugal. The project will involve on line and face-to-face activities that will develop knowledge and understanding of each other’s cultures and language, raise the awareness of global issues such as inequality, conflict and sustainable development. Throughout students will be able to develop skills in critical thinking, cooperation and teamwork and communication. For example, team work will be explored when students are visiting host countries and working on common activities such as creating a piece of art or music. Sharing ideas and experiences will enable students from all partners to learn from each other and create mutual respect. In particular, it is hoped that experiences will enrich the lives of refugee students who at times don’t see education as valued. Learning will be extended to students who are not immigrants as it will enable to develop skills to combat prejudice, xenophobia and discrimination.

As part of transnational collaboration four students at one time will be representing TTC at project meetings and workshops taking place:
  • Mobility 1: 27th March to 31st March 2017 in Palermo, Italy 
  • Mobility 2: 15th May to 19th May 2017 in Petra, Lesvos, Greece 
  • Hosting Mobility 3 in TTC: 9th October to 13th October 2017 
  • Mobility 4: 20th November to 25th November 2017 in Forave, Portugal 
  • Mobility 5: February 2018 (dates to be confirmed) in Adana, Turkey 

For more information and up to date project work please visit the following websites by clicking the images below