Design and Technology

Thorpe Campus
DT Activities 
  • Micromouse Club, Mondays and Thursdays, 3:00pm to 4:30pm. Pupils learn how to program little buggies using Basic. When competent they move on to competition buggies.
  • Elite 8
    Elite 8 is a club for girls who aspire and want to succeed in the world of engineering. This club helps them by making connections and teaching core skills needed to succeed in this largely male dominated career path. We hope that this will encourage more girls to take part in STEM activities and extra curriculum activities.

    We are based at Thorpe campus in the technology department which always has a lively buzzing feel to it. It is an amazing place to work and have fun with your friends, but also has a sense of hard work and concentration. The teachers are all so supportive and all care about our future.

    At the moment we are working hard to complete a car fit for the shell Eco marathon. This is a huge opportunity for us and we are most likely to be the youngest team competing. This shows how hard we are willing to work and how much engineering means to us. The big hurdle we are trying to overcome is fuel injection which is proving to be tricky; we will eventually overcome this using teamwork.. We competed in 2014 in Rotterdam. Our car achieved 2908 mpg.

    We want to say a special thank you to our 2014 sponsors who helped us two years ago to have a very successful team. So, thank you: NCC,  National Cold  Store; Hamford farming; Lounsdale landscape building contraction; Elec 2000 installation;  Motorola; FRA, Frinton Resident Association; Frinton in Bloom and Rotary Frinton.

    This year’s sponsors we are also very thankful for:
    Eriks; Race tech developments and Fastenright
    . I’m sure they will help us to have a very successful and happy year.

    Rotterdam 2014. Shell Eco-Marathon. The aim is to be very economical with fuel. The car completes a 10 mile course and then the fuel economy is calculated.


Greenpower heat 2015 where we came second and got the best engineered car award. The Greenpower competition is for electric cars and the aim is to cover the largest distance over a set time.