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Year 7 Community Challenge

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Each tutor group in Year 7 were given a large empty box and set the challenge of filling it with food for the Walton Food Bank.   The Food Bank make up boxes to give to families or individuals who are in need of emergency food aid; either for a specific period or over a longer time. 

We were given a list of things to collect and they had to be in packets or tins really and within the use-by dates. Things like dried pasta, soup, sauces, coffee, biscuits, cereals, longlife milk, etc., and some treats for Christmas like chocolate, mince pies and puddings.   Some tutor groups needed more than one box which was great. 

On Monday 1 December, 11 students and Mrs Claxton and Mr Spurling went in the TTC mini-bus driven by Mr Keeys to help at the Food Bank.   We were put into 2 groups: one went into the container store and unloaded all our boxes. They had to check all the dates of the foods to make sure they were ok.  The food was then added to the supplies already there. 

The other group went into the small hall where there were lots of empty boxes waiting.  We were each given an item to put into the boxes, and these things were
already in the hall in other boxes.  Each box had some cereal, tinned meat and vegetables, soup, pasta, potatoes and some Christmas extras like sweets, chocolate, biscuits, mince pies and Christmas pudding. We walked round and round the tables adding items to the boxes.  The boxes for families with children had extra sweets in them and small gifts.  We put a letter ’C’ on those boxes.

Howard, one of the helpers, explained to us about the Food Bank.  The main thing we learnt is that some people are afraid to ask for help. Despite living in tricky situations; like not having a job, or illness and not having much money, they don’t like to ask for help.  Howard explained that anyone can be helped if they are in genuine need.  Some shops collect food and some members of the public just deliver groceries to the Food Bank, others donate money.  The Food Bank is a Voluntary Organisation. 

The food Year 7 gave was about a week’s worth of supplies and they were very pleased.  When we left we shared some out of date meringues and they gave us an Advent Calendar each. 

Written by Year 7s who went to the Walton Food Bank.  Staff there commented on the students’ good behaviour, interest in the project and the intelligent questions they asked. It was a privilege to accompany these students and hear about the difference our simple actions will make to some local families this Christmas.  Well done and thank-you to our wonderful students and their families for your support.  


Ella Castleton, William Harding, Sapphire Kemp, Rosie Leeds, Jake Mayes, Lilly Whittaker, Theo Milner, Dylan Sayer,
Isobelle Bethell, Charleigh Box and Jack Mills.



Mrs Claxton and Mr Spurling.