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Outstanding Performance from TTC Legal Team

posted 17 Mar 2016, 03:13 by   [ updated 17 Mar 2016, 03:14 ]

A team of year 8 and 9 students competed in the Magistrates Court Mock Trial Competition at Chelmsford Crown Court on the weekend and finished a very creditable third place.  The team had to take on all the significant roles in a court case, including lawyers, legal advisors, witnesses and the magistrates. 

We prosecuted the case in the first round with confident and assertive performances from Ben Moore (lawyer) and Mitchell Kill (witness), whilst Kieran Thomas was assertive in the demanding role of a legal advisor. 

In our second case we were defending, and again it was an excellent performance, notably the confident delivery of a closing speech by Fangping Liu entirely without notes.  Tamzin Webb also received personal congratulations from the lead magistrate and a top local solicitor who were both scoring the competition. 

It was a great experience for all those involved.  A well deserved congratulations to Mitchell Kill, Kaycie Fraser, Kieran Thomas, Isobel King, Katie Loud, Alicia Spendlove, Ben Moore, Georgia Euripidou, Fangping Liu, Joshua Rackham, Tamzin Webb, Abi Whitworth and Barney Teatheredge.

Mr I Silverton