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Equality Information

In response to a detailed analysis of data, action has been taken to address the needs of students with differing needs and back grounds. 
  • Visually impaired students are supported by a dedicated team of professionals.  Staff have been trained in the specific needs of these students and work is translated to braille in order to support their learning.
  • The College has very low numbers of students from ethnic minority backgrounds and these students perform well in comparison to other British students.
  • The low number of students that have English as a second language are supported well at the College and perform better than white British students.
  • The College has engaged with the Institute of Physics and the DfE to implement an ‘Improving Gender Balance’ research initiative.  The project looks to research ways to develop gender equality in a whole school culture.
  • Data informs the College that white British boys are the group of students that do least well at the College.  Curriculum redesign at KS3 with a greater emphasis on literacy and numeracy allows targeted intervention to address this issue.

Equality Plan
A copy of our most recent Equality Plan is attached below.

Equalities Training
Equalities training for staff will be provided at the beginning of the year for all staff in 2015 and then for new staff on subsequent years as part of induction training.

Equality Policies
Please see below for copies of our Equalities Policies.

Twinning arrangements:
We have a British Council sponsored link with AIRPORT INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, KUMASI, GHANA.  Currently, students do not meet, but they do exchange materials.

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