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Policy for External Examination Entry

  1. All students are expected and entitled to be entered for accreditation in their courses. Entry will be made if it is in the best interests of the student. 
  1. All components for each subject must be completed to enable an overall result to be given. 
  1. Generally, the College will pay for one entry only. 
  1. Re-sits are to be paid for by students. 
  1. All withdrawals or amendments to entry must be agreed by the Curriculum Leader, the Senior link person, student and parents/carers. 
  1. An examination fee will be charged to the student/parents/carers when a student fails without good reason to complete the requirements of any external examination or attend an external examination where the College have originally paid the entry fee. 
  1. Individual statements of entry will be provided for each student. 


Guidance notes: 

  1. Re-sits will only be confirmed after the fee has been received by the finance department. 
  1. The timing of requests may incur additional fees. 
  1. Any proposed amendments to entry must be requested by the CL and agreed by the SLT Link at the earliest opportunity, and before any change is made to the programme of learning. 
  1. Learning Departments are accountable for the progress and achievement of all students timetabled within the subject, whether or not they are entered for external accreditation. 
  1. If students are at risk of not being entered for a subject, CLs should discuss and implement possible rescue strategies with the DoL and their SLT Link. Students who have not provided evidence to justify entry will be given the opportunity to pay for each subject entry themselves. In the event of a pass grade being obtained, the entry fee will be refunded. 
  1. Requests for withdrawal of entry AFTER entries have been made to the exam board must only be made in exceptional circumstances (eg: major illness or other trauma). This should be discussed with the SLT Link Exams. 
  1. It is essential that students, their parents, and the Examinations Officer are kept fully informed as to the situation regarding entry in every subject. 

  1. A withdrawal of entry for any subject must be requested via internal email to the Examinations Officer.