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Customer Satisfaction and Complaints Procedures

We are keen to work positively with parents and to respond to any concerns or worries you may have about your child's well-being or academic progress.  We have tried to simplify our satisfaction and complaints procedures to make them easy to use.  Our aim is to resolve issues as quickly as possible, but also to encourage parents and students to highlight staff who they feel have gone beyond what would normally be expected of them.

Please click here to read a copy of our Customer Care Charter

Please click here to read a copy of our Customer Complaints Procedure

Please click here to read a copy of our Handling Complaints Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   How can I thank a member of TTC staff?

2.   How can I nominate a member of TTC staff for a Teaching Award?

                 The Pearson Teaching Awards

                 Essex Teaching Awards

3.   How do I raise a concern regarding my child's academic progress?

4.   Who do I contact if I have concerns regarding my child's welfare at College?

5.   What is the current complaints procedure?

6.   How can I report bullying?

7.   How can I give feedback on the website?

8.   What do I do if I am concerned about the welfare of another student?

9.   How do I apply for time off for my child in school time?

10. How do I raise a concern regarding my child's attendance to College?

11. How do I make a complaint regarding bus transport to College?

12. What should I do if my question is not covered here?

If your question is not covered here, please email, pop in or call the Main Reception at the relevant campus and they will ensure that your query is passed on to the relevant person.

Thorpe Campus
35-41 Landermere Road, Thorpe-le-Soken, Essex, CO16 0LQ

Tel: 01255 861341

Email: thorpe@tendringtechnologycollege.org

Frinton Campus
Rochford Way, Frinton-on-Sea, Essex, CO13 0AZ

Tel: 01255 672116

Email: frinton@tendringtechnologycollege.org