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Computer Code of Conduct for students

Here is what you should do when using College computers and what happens when you misuse them.

  1. The College computers are for educational use only.
  2. The network should only be accessed by authorised users. All students are personally responsible for their password protected accounts and anything that is done within that account. Do not let anyone else use them.
  3. When using the network, the VLE, e-mail and the Internet, students are expected to behave as they would in any other place where they represent the school. Students must conduct themselves in a responsible, ethical and polite manner.
  4. Students should know that the College’s computers are College property so can be inspected at any time. All activity such as e-mail is monitored at all times.
  5. Please only send single copies to departmental printers and make sure that you collect them.
  6. All rules apply whether access is gained in or out of College.
  7. Thorpe Students agree when logging onto the 5 e-safety Ts: Technology, Time, Take Care, Tricky and Tell.

Inappropriate use of Network Services

  • Users must not try to break the security of the College’s computers, data or network equipment or services.
  • Any attempt to vandalise these services will result in a loss of the student’s access to these services. Repeated offences will result in longer loss of access.
  • Vandalism is any attempt to harm or destroy other students’ work, to access other students’ accounts or to damage any network service. This includes uploading and creating computer viruses.
  • Using other students’ accounts is forbidden.
  • If you have misused computer systems outside of College you may be denied access to College systems.
  • “Cyber bullying” is when someone is tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed or otherwise targeted by someone else through the internet, interactive digital technologies and/or mobile phones. The College takes this very seriously and will follow-up all incidents which are suspected as being examples of “cyber bullying” with parents, even if the ICT system that is used is not provided by the College.
  • Laptops. We are happy for you to bring your laptops into College for educational use. You must however have up-to-date virus and spam protection and have permission from either Thorpe Campus/Frinton Campus Head of ICT.


Users may not:

  • Criticize the spelling, writing or keyboarding of others.
  • Play any form of game(s) on the College’s computers or store games in their accounts.
  • Share passwords with others.
  • Pass on anyone else’s account name and password.
  • Gain access to any parts of the college computer systems that they are not permitted to access.
  • Reveal any personal details without permission.
  • Buy or sell goods via the computer, e.g. eBay, Gumtree, Facebook
  • Store MP3 music or video files in their accounts unless for a specific educational use.
  • Use proxy sites, VPNs or other such software or apps to avoid College security and internet safeguards.
  • Use social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp etc.
  • Post rude, offensive, threatening or embarrassing text messages or videos to any College site including any official TTC Facebook/Instagram sites/pages.


Safeguarding and Social Networking Sites
Please discuss with your parents the implications of using social networking sites at home. You have no guarantee that the members of the site are who they say they are. There are five clear risks:-

  1. Other members can access your personal information if you do not set up the correct privacy security.
  2. Age restrictions are there to protect you, so do not ignore them.
  3. Your images and text can be copied by others, can be stored permanently and can be manipulated and misused.
  4. You may break copyright laws.
  5. You may post explicit or embarrassing images which may affect future job prospects.


Copyright applies to any medium. You must not reproduce or copy copyrighted protected work such as text, images, music, video, etc., without the permission of the author of that work. 

We use classroom management software to monitor and safeguard our pupils and log what sites they access whilst using college computers or laptops.


Serious breaches of the law
The police may be called in if any of these following laws are broken.

Users may not:

  • Access, duplicate, store or transmit pornographic material.
  • Transmit or post threatening, abusive, obscene or harassing material.
  • Initiate or pass-on chain mail or SPAM to cause harassment to other users.
  • Use abusive, vulgar, obscene, harassing or other inappropriate language.
  • Duplicate, store or transmit copyrighted material violating copyright law.

All incidents will be recorded permanently on SIMS.

(Reviewed November 2016 - G Byford)